Chasing Oprah: with a foil wrapped plate from the cookout by Tonia Renae

Chasing Oprah: with a foil wrapped plate from the cookout by Tonia Renae

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Everybody’s heard of The Oprah Effect. Millions of people have sent letters and emails and now hashtag her name on social media to get her attention and shoot their shot. But what happens when you’re not chasing the phenomenon that is Oprah Winfrey? What if you’re just chasing opportunities and perfection? What if you’re a Chef chasing other people’s recipes and accolades? And what if at the end of the chase you realize the history that you make through the actions of your life is all that matters.

Our roots share an amalgam of stories which are written in ways that can only be told by someone with a myriad of talents and years of experience cultivating them could tell. In this book the author refuses to be bound to any one title given to her. All of which she passionately responds to yet denies just long enough for you to see her in all of her complexities written throughout these pages. Award winning Chef Tonia Renae shares memories of writing as well as her artistic abilities and how it has shaped her career as a Chef. From the love of the food which she writes about in great detail to the words of affirmation well documented through her own personal journey toward self. Chef Tonia has written something that will remain on shelves for years to come. A book with food ideas that are meant to be passed on through generations and adapted without a loss of respect for the history left in these dishes by our ancestors.

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