About Us

Uncle Nitty's was started as an homage to my late brother who passed away after surviving 30 years of life diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia. I needed a way to keep the strength and courage he gave to others throughout his life alive. I wanted a way to share a more health conscious approach to eating and living. I paused my career in the culinary industry and utilized my knowledge of herbs, spices, and cooking to create seasoning blends that would compliment some of his favorite foods without the need for excess salts and additives. I knew that I couldn't stop there so after purchasing a space to grow my own herbs I took the opportunity to work with an herbalist and venture into a more wholistic approach to providing quality and beneficial herbs to individuals. We have since expanded to herbal and medicinal tea blends as well as supplements, tinctures, and syrups that lend to the aid of your overall health. As the saying goes...we stay well so we don't have to get well. Tonia Renae

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